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Software of the Year Award
"Exquisite, storybook style animation and superb sound quality hook players and enliven the experience"
Top Children’s Software Pick
"Mind-bending music games!
This is a wonderful, fun exercise!"
"The musical quality in the puzzles is a
pleasure to listen to. The program uses technology to to introduce subjects outside
of regular school curriculum."
Best Pick for the Holidays
"A brilliant title!"
Best Software for Kids
"This program takes an innovative approach to music education and exploration. The program merges the timeless compositions of Vivaldi’s "The Four Seasons" with the intriguing, playful storyline of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The result is a captivating musical experience that truly challenges the user’s senses."
Top Creative Toy Award
Seal of Excellence

Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine
Teacher Raves Award

Top Children’s Software Pick
Best Children's Software

"Children receive a fantastic workout for the brain as they strengthen listening skills, learn about Musical instruments and their unique sounds,
and enjoy – and learn! – songs from Vivaldi.
Very unique! We are thrilled with the educational opportunities offered in this engaging game!"
Best Pick for the Holidays
Best Pick

"The games masterfully teach children about musical instruments, musical sound and musical Composition. Children are cocooned in the dramatic music of Vivaldi, and entertained with cleverly constructed music games. This is brilliantly conceived and radiantly executed!"
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