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Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Music Game

“Deserves platinum! Try it!
You and your children will like it!”
Power to Learn
“This wonderful gem…
works children’s brains in fantastic ways!”
“Wow! A unique introduction to music!”
Super Kids
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    Mozart's Magic Flute Music Game

“The bottom line - this is the best
children's music game of the year!”
Children’s Software Revue
“Lay a little music culture on the kids!”
The Washington Post
“Delights eyes and ears!
Gorgeous, watercolor-washed scenes and
stellar sound quality make parental participation a joy
(something not found often enough).”
Parenting Magazine Software of the Year Award
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    Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons

“A brilliant title!”
USA Today Best Pick
“Wonderfully diverse…
It is so much fun, most appealing to children!”
The New York Times
“Mind-bending music games… A wonderful, fun exercise!”
CBS News, Children’s Software Top Pick
“Brilliantly conceived and radiantly executed!”
San Jose Mercury News Best Pick
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