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    … A little game I could not resist: Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons, part of MGI's children's music edutainment series. As a big fan of both "Alice in Wonderland" and Vivaldi, I was intrigued by their merger.

My favorite game involved listening to a Vivaldi piece and then selecting the matching melody
from a collection of oddly arranged Vivaldi tunes. The alternate arrangements are wonderfully
diverse and include one played on the sitar and another done boogie-woogie style.
It is so much fun listening to these that one wishes MGI would put out an album called "The Distorted Vivaldi."

It is obvious from the imagination and care put into these altered arrangements and the other
puzzles that Seasons was created by people with a deep understanding and appreciation of music. The game feels less like children's edutainment than like the work of musical evangelists who consider music a powerful, life-changing force.
The New York Times

Mind-bending music games! This is a wonderful, fun exercise! The musical quality in the puzzles is a pleasure to listen to. The program uses technology to introduce subjects outside of regular school curriculum.
Top Children’s Software Pick
CBS News

Taking two of the world’s best loved classics, one literary and one musical, MGI has blended these diverse art forms, added a dash of their own unique drawings, and come up with a cutting-edge entertainment software title that is creative, interactive, educational, and simply enchanting!
Your guide, on this truly magical musical journey, is none other than the Cheshire Cat, with his cheek-to-cheek grin and endless rhymes crafted to prepare and assist players throughout each game. Twelve games, twelve puzzles and the twelve "months" that make up Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, never seemed well… so short or sounded so good! There’s no need to purposely lose a game so as to "let the music play on," because there are multiple levels of play for every game, enough to keep children interested and entertained for a long time.


Children play 12 music games with the whimsical characters of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland while being cocooned in the exciting music of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.
A brilliant title!
Best Pick for the Holidays
USA Today

Exquisite, storybook style animation and superb sound quality hook players and enliven the experience.
Software of the Year Award
Parenting Magazine

This program takes an innovative approach to music education and exploration. The program merges the timeless compositions of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” with the intriguing, playful storyline of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The result is a captivating musical experience that truly challenges the user’s senses.
Best Software for Kids
Boston Museum of Science

Children receive a fantastic workout for the brain as they strengthen listening skills, learn about Musical instruments and their unique sounds, and enjoy – and learn! – songs from Vivaldi.
Very unique!
We are thrilled with the educational opportunities offered in this engaging game!
Best Children’s Software


The game scenes are beautifully illustrated and the Cheshire Cat seems to never run out of poetic feline phrases and musings that are delivered to the beat of the casual wave of his tail.

Players will find that five minutes is enough time to try and get the required 300 points for each game as having a reset button and multiple ways to try the music facilitates game play.

With Vivaldi’s biography and an animated instruments’ encyclopedia as part of the program, this software would be right at home in any school music department. Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: The Music Game is a children’s software program where critical thinking skills meet the classics, problem-solving meets poetry, music appreciation meets magic and creativity meets quality, computer-based, musical education. It's not just another "Name that Tune" or rip off of the old Simon game where you have to identify the tune in four notes or play it back note for note.

This software takes the whole music appreciation genre for kids to new heights. Bravo!
Children’s Software Press

The games masterfully teach children about musical instruments, musical sound and musical Composition. Children are cocooned in the dramatic music of Vivaldi, and entertained with cleverly constructed music games.
Brilliantly conceived and radiantly executed!
Best Pick for the Holidays
San Jose Mercury News

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