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Gold Medal
"Music Games International again delivers a splendid effort. The animation in this charming program of Mozart's Magic Flute is simple and quietly enchanting. The exceptional sound quality is a bonus that puts game players in the orchestra seats. The music trivia and animated musical encyclopedia may be standard for this company's game format, but they are anything
but formulaic."
Gold Award

"Brimming with originality and teeming with skill-building activities… clever and educational."
Software of the Year Award
"You gotta love a CD-ROM that casts children in the role of a famous composer, slips opera into ingenious audio puzzles, and delights eyes and ears. Gorgeous, watercolor-washed scenes and stellar sound quality make parental participation a joy (something not found often enough)."
All Star Award
"The bottom line – this is the best children's music game of the year!"
Top Choice Software
“The Music Game series takes a novel approach to music software. Games, puzzles, and riddles focus on learning to identify the sounds of different instruments, recognize musical themes and melodies that have been transformed,
and familiarize kids with the classics.
Of MGI's three titles, Mozart's Magic Flute is the Museum's favorite for its engaging storyline and ease of use.”
Top Creative Toy Award
Preferred Choice Award

Scholastic's Instructor Magazine
Teacher Raves Award
Best Pick
Editor’s Choice/Blue Ribbon Award
"This is a truly terrific computer program
for everyone!"
The Top 20 Toy List
“This game has a calming quality, unlike the frenetic energy of many video and computer games. The graphics are as lush and beautiful as the music, performed by the Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music.
A unique computer game for music lovers of all ages!”
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