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As its predecessor, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker the Music Game, the animation in this charming program of Mozart's Magic Flute is simple and quietly enchanting. Concentrating on one work from one composer, Music Games International again delivers a splendid effort.

Matching two sounds and recognizing which instruments are creating those sounds may appear basic in concept, but the musical jigsaw puzzle style is anything but. The exceptional sound quality is a bonus that puts game players in the orchestra seats.
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You gotta love a CD-ROM that casts children in the role of a famous composer, slips opera into ingenious audio puzzles, and delights eyes and ears. As young Wolfie Mozart, kids set out to free a prince and princess from the evil queen’s castle through musical prowess – finding instruments, decoding mixed-up music, and picking up tidbits of opera trivia along the way.

Gorgeous, watercolor-washed scenes and stellar sound quality make parental participation a joy (something not found often enough).
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Featuring the Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music, this is the second program in a well-designed music series (see Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker the Music Game). Eight different music puzzles are set in the context of a plot adapted from Mozart's first musical, The Magic Flute.

The bottom line – this is the best children's music game of the year!
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The Music Game series takes a novel approach to music software. Games, puzzles, and riddles focus on learning to identify the sounds of different instruments, recognize musical themes and melodies that have been transformed, and familiarize kids with the classics. Of MGI's three titles, Mozart's Magic Flute is the Museum's favorite for its engaging storyline and ease of use.
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I was absolutely delighted by this software and cannot think of a better way to teach music
appreciation to young learners! The animated graphics are colorful and lively and are sure to please children of all ages. The major strength of this program is the rich content presented in an interactive game format.

Every music teacher should have a copy of all of the offerings in this series. At the present time, three programs are available: Mozart's Magic Flute, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, and Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

Overall, the software is creative, artistic, and captivating. What a wonderful way to present the works of famous composers! Every elementary school should make this software an integral part of its music program. Outstanding!
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Brimming with originality and teeming with skill-building activities… clever and educational. Players tackle this game with their ears as well as their eyes. …

Throughout the games, different instruments are introduced and classical music plays. At certain points, players can play classical pieces while watching visually appealing animations. The program moves slowly to encourage relaxation and listening.
Gold Award
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Players are challenged to solve musical puzzles to reach the castle of the evil Queen of the Night and bring daylight back to the world in this engaging and imaginative program.

Mozart's Magic Flute The Music Game is a great supplement for a musically inclined child or the serious music student. Adults and children with little or no musical background will be surprised at the challenge of stopping to truly listen to a piece of classical music, dissect it, and put it back together again. The program's publisher dubs the games “musical jigsaw puzzles,” and they truly are puzzles to piece together using your ears rather than your eyes.
The Magic Flute teaches not only musical skills, but also history. When the player collects a feather on the quest path, a narrated slideshow with an anecdote about Mozart's life appears. The program also simplifies the plot of this complex and confusing opera so that even the youngest players will develop a greater understanding of the story and genre.

The quest or challenge premise of The Magic Flute is appealing to older children. Kids liked winning the individual games and collecting rewards to place in their “magic bags.”

In the children's software biz, there isn't much room left to boldly go where no one has gone before.

But a little company has staked out perhaps the only remaining frontier -- opera. Music Games International's new title, Mozart's Magic Flute: The Music Game, takes this form of classical music and makes it more appealing, accessible and almost aria-free. It does so by emphasizing the story and the music of The Magic Flute, not the singing. Kids are cast in the role of little "Wolfie" Mozart on a dream quest to break the Queen of the Night's terrible spell and rescue Prince Tamino and Princess Pamina The Magic Flute game is wonderful!

Throughout their travels, kids are treated to beautiful sights to go with the rich, orchestral sounds. Scenery as well as game settings are rendered in lush, watercolor-washed animation, a perfect accompaniment to the otherworldly escapade.

All in all, the Magic Flute game is wonderful and a worthy addition to the family software library.
Houston Chronicles

This game has a calming quality, unlike the frenetic energy of many video and computer games. The graphics are as lush and beautiful as the music, performed by the Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music. A unique computer game for music lovers of all ages.
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