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Gold Medal
"Entertainment that's fun and filled with
educational value."
"Charming… enchanting… exceptional…
a splendid effort!"
"A delightfully different program!"
Best Educational Software
Award of Excellence
5 Stars

"Looking for something different, fun, and educational? This CD-ROM works children's brains in fantastic ways!"
"This is a decidedly unique software game with enormous educational value."
"Kids will enjoy playing again and again!"
Distinguished Achievement Award
2 Amazing Toy Awards
"The exceptional sound quality makes
game players feel as though they are in
orchestra seats!"
Dr. Toy 10 Best Children's Software
“The CD will inspire young artists and will be used often by your young music lover. It is a very well produced product that provides educational learning and entertainment. Encourage your child to develop a keen sense of music appreciation.”
Best Children's Software

"Excellent musical puzzles and games …
Grade: A"
"Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker the Music Game is a wonderful find!"
"We were entirely impressed with this CD-ROM, and the kids couldn't stop playing it!"
"This is a beautifully done title-a real treat!"
"This delightful CD-ROM is probably perfect for the holiday season, but it is such a wonderful exercise in music and memory that kids will
want to play it any time of the year!"
Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Award
Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine
Teacher Raves Award

Top Creative Toy Award
Seal of Excellence
The National Parenting Center
Seal of Approval

“What is so impressive about this CD-ROM is how much fun kids had while really putting their musical ears to the test”
Children’s Software Press

“If only music appreciation had been more like this when I was in school! I can't imagine a better way to introduce a child to this classical treasure”
Choosing Children’s Software Magazine
Best Pick

“A musical masterpiece!”
“These games are truly inspired!”
“This software title cleverly melds technology and music to create nine magical music games.”
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