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"Entertainment that's fun and filled with
educational value"
Parents' Choice

"What is so impressive about this CD-ROM is how much fun kids had while really putting their musical ears to the test."
Seal of approval
The National Parenting Center

"This CD-ROM works children's brains in fantastic ways… We are delighted with the educational opportunities offered in this program!"
Award of excellence. 5 Stars


"Excellent musical puzzles and games…
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker the Music Game is
a wonderful find…Grade: A"
The year's best children's software 2002
"Scores Platinum…Fantastic way to bring a little of the excitement of the performance home... This software is the kind of treat that only the Sugar Plum Fairy can whip up!."
Children's Software Press

"The Nutcracker Music Game provides children with a feast… But the truly amazing part of this software is the games for older children…Five stars."
Holiday Selection 2002
Gannett News Service

"It's a splendid blend of fun and learning, sensory stimulation and rational thinking, Old World atmosphere and new technology marvels…"
Grade: A
Houston Chronicle

"This musical jigsaw puzzle is one of the most intriguing, unique ideas I've seen in any computer game in many years…. With this superb CD ROM rendition of Tchaikovsky's classic Nutcracker, Kids Music Stage sets a new standard in how to integrate great music with fun learning."
GT PC Club
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