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Alice walks into a magical Music Clock dropped by the White Rabbit. But the clock is broken, and Alice is trapped inside!
The player's task is to fix the Music Clock and free Alice by winning in 12 different music games and activities.
Down the Rabbit Hole
The Orchestra Game with a new Baroque Instruments section

The Pool of Tears
Memory matching game with unlimited playtime
- Multiple levels of play

A Caucus Race - 12 Steps Game
Help Alice climb 12 musical stairs
- Multiple games

The White Rabbit Hall game
Truly Twisted Music Riddles
- Multiple games

Advice from a Caterpillar
Interactive Encyclopaedia of Musical Instruments with a new expanded Baroque Instruments section

Pig and Pepper
The Flying Instruments Game
- Unlimited playtime!

A Mad Tea-Party
The Four Seasons Music Jigsaw Puzzle Game - Fun and unique Music Jigsaw Puzzles
- Multiple games

The Queen's Croquet Ground
Catch the Flying Notes and make your own melodies to the accompaniment by Vivaldi!

The Music Hall (Listening Room)
Enjoy Vivaldi's The Four Seasons performed by Hamburg Chamber Orchestra

The Three Stages Music Game
Music Puzzles with a twist! Multiple levels and games

Who Stole the Tarts?
Put together a whole concerto by Vivaldi!

Alice's Evidence
12 Musical "Month" Puzzles
- Multiple games


Ages: 5 and Up.

System Requirements: Windows 98 or higher, Pentium III 360 MHz or higher, 128MB RAM, 250 MB available on
Hard Drive
Aural discrimination
Audio and visual memory
Critical thinking
Problem solving skills
Pattern recognition
Listening skills
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